Moving FAQs: Ask Us Anything

Unexpectedly hard and stressful, moving may be a challenging process. A dependable residential moving service company like Tennessee Moving Service can handle the difficult shifting without causing a mess in the process. Our Nashville, TN clientele is happy with our services and responses to their moving-related inquiries, and they frequently ask us questions. Are you interested in joining our incredible clientele, or do you have any inquiries? Just read on, or give us a call now!

What steps can customers take to ensure a smooth and efficient moving process?

Regardless of size or scope, the moving and packing advice listed below will help make your relocation simple.

  • Plan Ahead of Time
  • Check Low-Cost Packing Materials
  • Declutter
  • Have a Vision
  • Sort and Arrange Your Stuff
  • Don’t Forget to Label
  • Pack Essentials

Are there any specific requirements or considerations for moving items such as pianos, artwork, or delicate electronics?

  • For safe transportation, expert piano movers will dismantle, cushion, and secure the piano. It is recommended to store delicate instruments, such as guitars, in hard-shell cases and to further cushion or bubble wrap them.
  • To ensure optimal security for expensive or fragile equipment, such as high-end audio systems or cameras, shockproof containers or specially built hardwood boxes should be used.
  • For greater details, think about utilizing specialized art containers or mirror cartons, which offer additional protection and cushioning. When objects are transported throughout the home or unloaded from the moving truck, make sure to identify the boxes as “fragile” and mention if they include artwork or mirrors to encourage cautious handling.

What are the advantages of using a moving service?

The greatest movers in the business will take care of everything from start to finish if you choose them. Expert movers can carry out your relocation quickly and efficiently by disassembling furniture, loading and unloading goods, protecting fragile objects with protective wrapping, and more. In most cases, local removals may have your belongings transported to your new house in a single workday.

Are there specific items that moving services typically refuse to transport?

Moving firms often refuse to load the following typical household items:

  • Food that spoils quickly
  • Liquor
  • Cleaning products
  • Hazardous and flammable materials
  • Pets
  • Live plants
  • Valuable antiques and personal items
  • Firearms
  • Fueled lawn equipment
  • Scuba tanks and oxygen tanks
  • Chemistry sets

What is the typical duration of a move?

Professional movers offer these approximate moving times based on apartment size, while the actual moving time might differ significantly from move to move: It takes two to three hours to relocate a studio or one bedroom. A two-bedroom relocation takes three to five hours. It might take up to seven hours to relocate three or four bedrooms.

What are some key differences between local and long-distance moving services?

The distance they are willing to go is one of the main distinctions between long-distance and local moving businesses. Local movers typically function within a certain geographic region, but long-distance movers are prepared to manage relocations across significantly greater distances.

What types of moving services do you offer?

Our reliable reliable moving services:

  • Piano Moving Service
  • Residential Moving Service
  • Commercial Moving Service
  • Apartment Moving Service
  • Furniture Moving Service
  • Local Moving Service
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Unpacking Service
  • Packing Service

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Do you offer both residential and commercial moving services?

Indeed! We provide all of our local clients with moving services, both residential and business.

Is your moving company available 24/7 for scheduling and assistance?

Yes, indeed! We take great pride in our round-the-clock availability. Call us at our most convenient time if you would like to arrange a relocation.

Do you provide storage options for belongings?

Yes, we provide choices for storing your possessions. You can count on us to keep everything you own secure and safe.

When it Comes to Residential Moving Services, We Are the Movers to Call

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